Golf is truly ‘The Business Sport.’


 No other game comes close to the importance of golf,

and the course and the clubhouse, 

as places where rapport is built,

relationships established, 

and important contacts and business deals are made.


This means that an essential of modern business skills is playing the game, and handling yourself well on the links. 

As one female executive said:  “When you get to a certain level of management, you are expected to play golf. If you can’t, you are at a huge disadvantage. Golf is the sport if you want to move forward.”

No question about it: 
The ability to play golf enhances professional careers.
It’s a conversation-starter. A door-opener. A business game-changer.
At times it may even be a deal-maker or breaker.

However, business golf unfortunately still remains mostly an exclusive domain of men. 
Fortunately - we’re part of changing that!

The old joke that ‘GOLF’ means ‘Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden’ is more than outdated. The PGA of America dropped its ‘Caucasian Only’ clause in 1961, and the game is now global in scope. Today’s golf industry leaders seeking to ‘Grow The Game’ are reaching out more strongly to women, the younger generation, and to diverse communities of players and fans.

As women and people of diverse backgrounds continue to establish their presence and leadership in business life, many are exploring the pleasures and networking power of The Business Sport.

Every BusinessWoman Golf (EBWG) was founded in early 2015 by LPGA Teaching Professional and Corporate Speaker / Executive Trainer Jamie Leno Zimron. Known as ‘The Golf Sensei’ (‘sen-say’ = Master Instructor), Jamie uniquely combines her rich talents and background as a professional athlete and martial artist, psychotherapist, entrepreneur, speaker, and mind-body expert.

Every BusinessWoman Golf events are high-impact, difference-making, very fun and effective learning experiences for diverse women ready to ‘up their games’ on the golf course and in the business world. We design trainings and retreats, work with select instructors and venues, and appeal to a broad range of businesspeople to create learning experiences like no other out there! 

EBWG is a growing community of Equal Opportunity businesspeople and golfers!  

Every businesswoman is welcome regardless of business sector, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, veteran status, dis/ability, or whatever else is part of where you come from and who you are. 

EBWG’s main focus is uniting and empowering women to join and shine in ‘the business golf club.’ In addition to our signature Retreats, we provide unique talks, trainings and coaching for diverse businesswomen in the areas of Peak Performance, Mastering Stress, and Somatic Leadership Essentials. Exciting programs and events inclusive of men, girls and boys are also available, and may be customized to meet the training and event needs of your organization or community.